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Origami Sites
There are plenty of great web sites out there on origami. I recommend a visit to Joseph Wu's site for a good index of what, and who, is online.

Marc Kirschenbaum's site is one of those sites you'll find listed at Joseph's. Visit Marc for new models and articles on origami.

Try Eric Andersen's site at paperfolding.com for some math mixed with origami. You'll also find model diagrams, photos and a brief origami history.

Origami Stores
If you're looking for books and paper, contact Origami USA.

If you just can't wait and want to peruse origami supply lists right now, I'd suggest a visit to the following:

Sasuga Japanese Bookstore
Sasuga has a great selection of Japanese origami books and periodicals. They also stock domestic origami titles.

Fascinating Folds
Fascinating Folds has a good selection of books for any folder. They also have a large paper selection that ranges from plain kami ready for folding to uncut sheets in many patterns and textures.

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